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Thread: 2 Stroke Jetting Hints

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    Default 2 Stroke Jetting Hints

    94 CRM250R - Winter setting - Pilot 42 , Main 152
    ( Stock reeds, Keihin 36mm, Stock Chamber, RSV silencer, Modded airbox )

    If you have any settings that you know work, for any bike,
    PM me and I will add them to this post.

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    Well I upgraded my 2000 Aprilia RS 250 with a full Tyga Performance Exhaust system and also went to individual carb filters intead of the dreaded airbox.

    Stock was 280 front and 270 rear cyclinder. Tyga recommended up 1 in each, but that was to lean. Ended up with 300 in the front and 290 in the rear and moved the needle clip to the 3rd position on the slide. Stock pilots. And stock reed valves. Runs great now. Also note I am virtually at sea level on Okinawa. You may have to adjust if you live in a higher elevated region.
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