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    Forum Rules

    1. Respect yourself.
    2. Respect fellow members.
    3. Keep things legal.
    4. Don't lose friends over a discussion.
    5. Be nice to newbies, you were one once.
    6. Keep others private messages private. ( Posting another members PM without their permission
      will result in a 1 month ban. The second such occurrence will result in a permanent ban ).
    7. Discussions are useful, however, so is respecting other member opinions. If threads are hijacked
      with arguments that add no value to the thread, moderators will delete all such comments without
      notice to posters. Warning will be issued to members who repeatedly turn threads into arguments.

    8. Avoid directing insulting comments at other members or people who do not use the forum
      ( Failure to do so will result in a 1 week ban for the first occurrence and a 1 year ban for the second )
    9. Apexmoto Inc owns and the forum software and funds the forum upkeep. The forum
      is controlled by moderators who volunteer their time to make a resource for members and
      guests. Please respect these moderators and understand we are all human and all make mistakes.
    10. Commercial selling of motorcycles or motorcycle related products on this forum, other than by Apexmoto Inc.,
      is prohibited, without approval from Apexmoto and a quorum of moderators.
      Do no assume anything, ask if
      you are uncertain. Attempting to sell products as a business or sole trader
      without approval, will result in a permanent ban.
    11. Vendors not competing with Apexmoto may request permission to advertise or sell on Such
      vendors will be expected to contribute to the cost of the forum, its upkeep and our annual charity event, The Tokyo Toy Run.
    12. The Buying & Selling section is for NON COMMERCIAL transactions i.e. private sales or members selling their personal items
      and not acting as a business. Selling more than 3 motorcycles or motorcycle accessories per year is considered commercial.
    13. Members using PM`s to solicit business for non approved vendors will receive a 6 month ban for the
      first occurrence and a permanent ban for the second occurrence.
    14. Do not use PM`s for any confidential information or correspondence. The forum accepts no responsibility
      for the actions of hackers and makes no guarantees as to the security of data.
    15. Don't post comments ( good or bad ) on banned users on the forum. Posts and indirect posts re banned
      users will be removed.

    The rules may change from time to time. Please understand it is not the end of the world
    and we are Ningen.

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