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    Default Gentsuki Test Questions - HELP

    Hey. I took the gentsuki license test 3 times this week. First time 88%. 2nd time 86%. 3rd time 88%. There are a few questions I am questionable about. Please let me know the correct answers for the following questions. Thank you SO much.

    On a motorized bicycle when rounding a curve at night you turn on your bright lights to alert cars on the other side of the curve of your presence and proceed carefully around the curve.
    - I would think your brights would blind the person coming around the curve, but it is worded in a way that makes it sound as though it is more safe, which is usually what they are going for.

    When breaking on steel plates at a construction site you are likely to skid, unless you break lightly.
    - I would think true, but even if you break lightly you are likely to skid right?

    When rounding a curve you adjust your speed by using the throttle halfway through the curve.
    - I know you lower your speed before hand but do you start accelerating halfway though?

    When a police officer is directing traffic there is no difference if his hands are by his side or if he holds them out horizontally.
    - They show a picture on this one. I know that if he is facing you no matter what it means stop, and he kinda seems to be facing you in the picture. But the question asks if his hand signals mean the same thing.

    At a pedestrian only sign only those vehicles with special access can proceed, such as your garage being down that street, or other inevitable reasons.
    - If you have special access can you go through?

    The stopping distance is the combined sum of the idol running distance and the breaking distance.
    - what in the world is idol running distance?

    Even though there are vehicles in the opposite lane you can cross a railroad track being careful not to go too far to the left.
    - This one is tricky because it doesn't say anything about stopping.

    The holder of a motorized bicycle can also drive special small class cars as well as the motorized bicycle.

    In the case where a you must protrude right of the center line you must keep those protrusions as small as possible except in the case of a one way road.

    You must go slowly at the top of a hill and on a hill with a steep decline.

    You have to signal that you are going to turn right about 3 seconds before you do.


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    Taking it three times and failing, did they tell you what questions you got wrong? Do you know any Japanese high school kids? They would most likely be able to answer your questions. If not, it might be good for you to take a short course on the scooter license. Sorry I can't help.

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    Default hi, where did you take the English test for gentsuki?

    hi, where did you take the test for gentsuki? and is it in English?

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    This thread is more than 6 years old, the OP has a grand total of 1 posts on this forum so they obviously aren't an active member here.

    Go to your local JAF center and pick up an English copy of the Japan rules of the road book. Read it carefully, and you will pass the test.

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