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Thread: Selling and buying rules

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    Default Selling and buying rules


    1. NO NEGATIVE COMMENTS ABOUT A SELLER'S ASKING PRICE. If you are not a serious potential buyer, please keep your opinion on the seller's asking price to yourself and don't interfere with his attempt to make a sale. If you are a serious potential buyer and want to negotiate a better price with the seller, contact him by private message, not in his forum thread. Negative comments will be deleted and will result in a warning the first time, and a temporary ban if repeated.
    2. NO SMART-ASS COMMENTS ABOUT ITEMS FOR SALE. If you don't think a seller's item is any good, don't trash-talk it. Just move on.
    3. If you suspect a serious swindle or fraud, please notify the mods by reporting the post and stating your concerns.


    1. Items for sale must have a price indicated.
    2. Items you wish to sell must be legally yours or a friend's. If they are a friend's, you must state that in your post and vouch for them being legit.
    3. You accept by posting that you indemnify this site and its administration from liability for any illegal item sold.
    4. NO VENDORS. Bikes for sale posted here must be owned and registered in the seller's or seller's friend's name, and sold by individuals who are not involved in the bike sales industry.

    To everybody, buyers and sellers: Respect and be respected.
    Posts not adhering to the rules or this general principle will be deleted.
    Repeat offenders will face a 1 month ban.
    No one will be banned for life except spammers.
    We want to be fair to all.

    -- Admin
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    Changed the Selling & Buying permissions, so now people can again post comments on items for sale.
    However, the original poster will have the ability to close the thread ( after they post advertising info ), which is
    what i suggest they do if selling a bike, to stop others negative comments, on the price.

    The original poster will also have the right to request a post on their thread be deleted. If I can find the
    way to allow the original poster to delete replies on his/her thread I will make that setting, but for the
    moment I am not able to do it.
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