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    I have used this camera only once and am still reading the manual.
    Overall its menu system is pretty poor compared to the Canon. I really
    dislike that it does not prompt your to format a new memory card when
    you install one, instead telling you that performance is degraded. My last
    Canon prompted me to initialize the card when new. The Panasonic will
    write to the new card without initializing but will keep warning you of the
    degraded status of the card. Annoying.

    Macro function seems weaker also. I could not focus on an item anout 5cm from the camera.
    With the Canon that was not an issue. Image quality from the shots I took
    is at least as good if not a little better. So for the moment the jury is out
    on this being a better camera than say the S90, considering its bulk.

    Images have no post processing other than a resize. Shot in Ai mode and jpeg.
    Will shoot some in RAW and manual mode next trip.

    Some shots I took on the weekend.
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    The LX5 will reward the user who will use the manual settings. The S90 is less flexible that way and is better for the photographer who won't use the manual settings.
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    Nice pics Jav, I see you found Arakawa Dam.

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