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    East Course (EAST COURSE) 2061m total distance
    One of the best mountain courses in Japan!

    This is the most historic courses in the Ebisu Circuit. Races are two-wheel or four-wheel many.
    The biggest feature difference between the maximum altitude of 67m height difference! ! Accordingly, during the last four straight home from the corner of the upstream slope of 1 percent, one of the best mountain courses in Japan.

    West Course (WEST COURSE) 2103m total distance
    2103m long distance course!

    West Course is a long distance course in the Ebisu Circuit is also the best! The hairpin is characterized by straight and between the two. West Course is also not much difference in height, because almost all overlooking the course and the race has been run and Sunday meeting. In recent days, has been using this course of granny's bike race.

    Dorifutosutajiamu (formerly the South Course) (Drift Stadium) 1203m total distance
    Drift Holy Land!
    A new name in 2011, "Dorifutosutajiamu" and changed the old South Course. Also known as D1 ☆ GP course will be held. This course is hugely popular with drifters drift as a holy place.

    North Course (NORTH COURSE) 1155m total distance
    The most scenic track! ?
    North Course is this the best in high altitudes in the Ebisu Circuit. Straight to the climax of R ー view a large corner! I get decent speed too fast, so the main 2-speed 3. This course is immersed in a feeling of superiority can run another course under the eyes look around.

    Schools Courses (SCHOOL COURSE) all long-distance 420m
    Aims to step up here!
    This course is recommended for those who aim to step up its name. The course is usually an exercise for the drift, and I also use two-wheel and Raidingusukuru. Other courses may also easily can run south and you can master this course? ?

    Land Drift (DRIFT LAND) Free Layouts
    If you practice hard for the honest here
    Flat terrain course. Despite the track layout once, and the course layout has been completely free of asphalt.
    Here are two other sports driving wheel drift (Motard) can also travel. Please see the calendar date for practice driving.
    Close to the park for a safari park, it's the weekend and there are also many galleries.

    New Pass Course (PASS LAND) 1200m total distance
    Circuit reproduce slap!
    Recreate the hill its name. You can enjoy the feeling they pass firmly into the center line. Up and down violently, but difficult course many blind corners, is addictive and fun and thrilling race in it.

    Kuru Kuru Land 1.2 (KURUKURU LAND)  
    Can practice your heart's content revolution?
    Drift Basics course was created in order to practice the rotation. Please practice pylon to rotate freely on a flat square so. Around the eyes so earnestly on our attention.
    Kuru is a land at a big competition and racing is done on the West Course and parking, please note that these actions may also not be running.

    Land worn knees (HIZASURI LAND)
    Worn only for two-wheeled lap course!
    East Course paddock located behind the second course only two wheels worn knees. ENSURE THAT free to practice using the knee pylon pickpocket.
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