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Thread: Sendai Highland

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    Default Sendai Highland

    Information soon............
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    Default Re: Sendai Highland

    My pace lap for Bike:
    registration 1000yen
    park entry 1000yen
    Have to take a lecture before you start.

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    One of the beauties of the My Pace Lap events (other than the cheap cost) is that there is no pre-booking necessary. You can just show up on the day, pay the entry fee, attach the transponder and away you go. :mrgreen:

    When I went last year, I was told they prefer you remove your side stand but this was waved since we had ridden up on street bikes (so did not have racing stands, etc available). (Obviously, if you cart up a race bike, this would not be a problem.)
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    I know this is an old thread but does any one have any newer up to date info on this track? I live in Misawa and as far as I can tell this is the closest track to me, any info would be great thanks.

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    Come on someone has to have some up to date info on this track.... Anyone??? Bueller???

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