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    Default Mine Circuit

    Information soon..........
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    is there any information available for this track. I heard that it was closing. Is that true. If so when or has it already closed. I am located in Okinawa, Japan and am looking for a track to ride if possible. Also a place to get new bikes in the area.

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    Seems like it closed in January, was taken over by Mazda as a test track. Try this link and you'll find a link to the official site.

    All in Japanese though.

    I think the closest circuit to you'll be Autopolis in northern Kyushu. Not sure of "sports souko" for bikes though.

    Actually, sports souko for bikes is available, costs 2000-3000 yen per 25 minute session. The circuit licence is 15,800 for 12 months.

    Hell of a distance and hassle for you to go for a bit of circuit riding though.
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