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Thread: Arai helmet refurbishment at UPC Ride On - Ueno

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    Default Arai helmet refurbishment at UPC Ride On - Ueno

    Just a quick note for those of you who ride with Arai helmets.

    UPC Ride On in Ueno is an Arai-owned retailer. They have a service where they can refurbish any Arai helmet (as long as they have parts in stock) even down to replacing the polystyrene foam.

    I recently had a RX-7 RR4 from 2005 refurbished. This was an older helmet I used to use daily but stopped using after a few years when the inner parts started to break down. I had all of the internal foam parts replaced including the cheek pads, the neck pad, the strap covers, and the skull mesh padding. I also got a new visor. It's basically brand new inside. This was about 15,000 yen. If I hadn't replaced the face shield it would have been closer to 10,000 yen.

    I decided to refurbish my old helmet because it's not a common model and I can only wear Arai's 65cm size, so it's not easily replaceable by other brands. I also have some nice memories like my 5000km tour of New Zealand associated with that helmet.

    If you have an old Arai that you want to keep using but needs some new parts, I recommend bringing/sending it to UPC Ride On and having them inspect it and discuss what to replace, etc. They're a small shop but since they're connected to Arai, they're the place to go.
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    Thanks for the info, will bring my Arai SZ-Ram III there one of these days.

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    It took them a week to turn it around, fwiw. Living, as we do, in Japan, it's great to be able to have your helmets serviced by the factory.
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