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Thread: Honda CB400SF Info

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    Red face Honda CB400SF Info

    Hi guys & girles.
    I Have a CB400SF, but its an ex Japanese Police bike Im told So has completely differant wiring to the STD CB400SF. The model Label under the seat tells me its a CB400KP but it is an NC31 CB400SF.
    I realy realy need a wiring diagram for this machine as I need to address someone elses realy bad attempt at repairing it.
    Many thanks in advance, Piston.

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    I have been in Japan 14 years or there about`s and never seen a cop on anything smaller than a 750 Honda,
    other than the scooter/postie bikes they use. So to hear your bike is a 400 cop bike seems unusual. Personally,
    i would find a SF wiring diagram and check against the bike. I suspect that even cop bikes use 90% standard
    wiring, with some extra power connections for the few accessories they use.
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    I have seen the cb400 police bikes. Kanagawa was using them when I first got here. They were equipped for in town routes and were kind of the middle ground between the old vfr750 and a cub. They were all over rt 16 between Yokosuka and Yokohama as well as rt 357 heading up from hakejima all the way to northern Yokohama.

    Most I saw were equipped just like the vfr but smaller. They were all the bikini faired version as well not the nekid one and only in white.

    Hope that helps... BTW why would you buy a white bike that some cop thrashed?!?!? It's like buying a rental car!!!!! No no!

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    Thanks for replys
    I have the afformentioned STD CB400 wiring diagram but the area Im trying to sort is not part of the std wiring diagram hence the need for the model specific one, I thought that it may have been a trainin vehicle as it has a rotory switch hooked to the selector drum so the bike when in a specific gear operates the switch & turns somthing on or off?. I was thinking it was the lights that are usually over the top of the headlamp to indicate to the instructor what gear the pupil is in while on test but im told that the model code of P in CB400KP means its a cop bike though I thought that the code K meant it was a training vehicle. Though usually this denotes its model year of K 1989 & its a cop bike or or P 1993 & its a training vehicle ?? but as I assuming that these wernt produced untill 1992 It cant be a 1989 model so its got to be a training vehicle from 1993 .....any ideas ..

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