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Thread: Motegi Track Programs and Booking Instructions

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    Default Motegi Track Programs and Booking Instructions

    Jav please make this a sticky

    Motegi Track Programs page: ... index.html
    This page lists all the 2wheeled track programs available at motegi and their dates for up to 3 months in advance. The top six blocks are for the roadcourse.

    From left to right top to bottom: ... index.html
    My Challenge - Basically open track time for Motegi license (TRMC-S) holders. Instructions below:
    Track Calander (Just used to view all upcoming tracktime for the month) ... cheServlet
    -Select "ロードコース" (RoadCourse) in the first dropdown box
    -Select "二輪" (2 Wheels) in the second dropdown box

    Calander key:
    フル = Full Course
    東 = East Course
    西 = West Course
    P = Production (Non-GP race bikes)
    R = Racer (GP125, GP250, A License)
    N = Number Plate (License plate, headlights, blinkers, etc)
    RP = Racer/Production
    Z = Everyone

    Use this URL to book sessions: ... ginServlet
    Follow the steps (Translations compliments of Shima-chan): ... king/1.jpg ... king/2.jpg ... king/3.jpg ... king/4.jpg

    Cost: 3300yen per session

    1 Day Get MFJ - Used to get the minimum required track time for the MFJ license. The day will include a lecture over the basics of MFJ racing and they will submit the required paperwork with receipts for the required track time to MFJ on your behalf.

    Click here to sign up: ... .jsp?ID=32

    47,000yen = Non Motegi license holders
    40,500yen = MJF license holders who want a Motegi licnese
    22,000yen = Motegi license holders who want an MFJ
    15,500yen = Motegi and MFJ license holders who just want the track time and lecture refresher

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ... index.html
    SkillUp Meeting - For Motegi License holders only. A large trackschool with 3 different groups. Street riders, track regulars, and racers are seperated. You get 3 30min sessions, lunch and instruction. Instructors normally include those who run the Motegi Race School who are ex WorldGP riders, and all Japan MFJ champs. The school structure is very lax as there are many people who attend, you may have to track down an instructor to get feed back, they may not actively search you out.

    Cost: 11,000yen

    Click here to signup for the FreeRide (Racers) class: ... .jsp?ID=61

    Click here to signup for the intermediate class: ... .jsp?ID=60

    Click here to signup for the street rider class: ... .jsp?ID=60

    Try the Circuit - I think its mainly for first time track go-ers who just want to see what its like to be on a track.

    Cost: 20,000yen

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ... index.html
    Maruyama Sunday Race - Maruyama and his team WithMe Racing hold a track day similar in orginization to the SkillUp meeting except only two classes of riders (Street and Racer). Maruyama tries to put on more of a show during his day with music, pit girls, and flashy teammates. The WithMe Racers are the instructors for the day and again, you will have to actively search them out for feed back. Maruyama also runs cars inbetween the bike sessions, so the paddock area is normally pretty full.

    Click here to signup for the racer class: ... .jsp?ID=82

    Click here to signup for the streetrider class: ... .jsp?ID=83

    18,000yen = Non-Motegi license holders
    11,000yen = Motegi license holders

    Motegi Race School - Great individual attention from world class instructors. Class size is limited to 5 students per instructor. All sessions are video taped from instructor on-board cameras and reviewed after the session. Lunch is included. It is one of the most expensive courses but has been worth it everytime for me. Nothing but nice things to say about this class.

    42,000yen = Non-Motegi license holders
    35,000yen = Motegi license holders

    Click here to signup: ... jsp?ID=150

    Please let me know if the links become out of date, or my translations are off.

    Rich DeRousse

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    '07 Honda CBR600RR (Zebra striped)

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    Great post. Thanks, Rich :bigsmurf:
    DRZ 480

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    Nice post Rocket, thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by scratch

    Rich DeRousse

    '04 PocketBike (Zebra Furred)
    '07 Honda CBR600RR (Zebra striped)

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    Default Re: Motegi Track Programs and Booking Instructions

    This is a update.
    Motegi just updated their booking system. What they have done is instead of switched the login from TRMC-S ID to a userID system. If you have not re-registered since the upgrade this is what you need to do
    Get here ->
    Only fill out the ???? and ?????.

    ???? - TRMC-S ID
    ????? - Password

    A New page will open
    Fill out
    ????????ID - MobiStation ID (Choose a user name)
    ????? - Enter a new password
    ????? - Secret question however you will need to enter this in Japanese (I was told it had to be Japanese only)
    ????? - Answer to secret question and again in Japanese (I was told it had to be Japanese only)

    When you have completed. Click on ?? button.

    You are all setup now for the new system!

    To change your details or do other new on your member's page ->

    There are lots of options in here. Too much to list.
    I'll just list the one i think are relevent.

    Second button - Will list the sessions you have booked
    Fourth button - Will allow you to change your personal details for MobiStation
    Fifth Button - Will allow you to change your personal details for TRMC-S
    Sixth Button - Change your email address or add a additional email

    To book for sesssion -> ... 55bt4c24e1))/RunLogin.aspx (Copy and paste this link to your browser)

    Enter your
    ???? - TRMC-S ID
    ????????ID - MobiStation ID
    ????? - MobiStation password (The new password you set when you re-registered)

    A new page will appear

    Click on the button ????????
    You will be able to view all the dates available for booking.

    Select the dates you want and hit the ???? button

    ???? - Register

    Motegi has reclassified their sessions to be something similar to Tsukuba.
    2N - For Street bike
    2A - Race/Production with times lower than 2:07 (Full Course)
    2B - Race/Production with times above 2:07 (Full Course)
    2AB - Race/Production mixed

    Same deal as before. 35 points for weekend sessions and 30 points for weekday sessions.

    To the best of my knowledge i have translated it. If anyone finds it any different. Please change amend accordingly.

    If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you

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    Default Re: Motegi Track Programs and Booking Instructions

    Rocket & Ben,

    Thank you for the posts. I will be new to Japan in a month and am looking forward to track time.

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    Interesting . Done well, good luck, you are very great work. I hope you have a luxury of time to consider the benefits of the article can provide. Thanks to share.

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    I've poked on most of the links above and most of them are broken now :(
    @RocketJockey put a lot of work into the initial post, I don't think I have it in me to update the whole thing, but as a start...

    This is the current link to the the TRMC-S training course to allow you become a member of TRMC-S and ride there whenever you like (calendar permitting) without the need to get other organizations involved:

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    This is interesting. Could be a good excuse to get the daytona. I'd need it if I went to a track.

    How much of an investment would be needed to get into track days, outside of bike costs.

    Leathers, (of course.)
    Tyres. (are track specific tyres needed or would good sports steet tyers enough)
    Tools (other than a standard took box, would one need to bring special tools been breakers, tyre irons, balancers, truck, personal dyno, etc)

    What bike mods would be needed over taping lights and oil bolt pins?

    I wouldn't be trying this on my er6f but if I were to get the daytona I would want to try track days.

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    Hey guys,

    I booked a spot to do the Motegi licence on June 28th. Registration is from 9:30 till 10:45, then the course goes from 11:00 till 4:45. The total price is 36,800 yen (14,400 yen Sign-up fee, 12,400 yen yearly membership fee, 10,000 yen course fee). It says I need an MFJ approved racing suit and MFJ approved helmet. My suit is ok (I can see the MFJ approval patch), but I'm not sure about my helmet. I don't see a MFJ logo anywhere on it. Does anybody know about this?



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    I've just looked at my Arai, no MFJ label on that (I bought it here). My A* suit has no MFJ label either and there were no issues at Motegi.
    Personally I think they'll take one look at you in your gear, if its decent stuff then no further inspection will happen.
    Same with the bike you'll get a minimal check by the instructor before you go out the first time, then that's it, just don't give him any reason to look to look harder ;)

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    Anyone do a track day at Motegi this year? any updates on how to book?

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    Try this...

    Shows all the available classes offered @ TRM.

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