Imported Motorcycle Registration

    • Registration form
    • Registration fee (shinsei hiyou)
    • Custom clearance certificate (tsukan shomei sho)
    • Emission test certificate (hai gasu kensa hyo)
    • Inspection certificate (jidousha kensa hyo)
    • Insurance certificate (hoken sho)
    • Certification of parking space (shako shomei)

The entire importation process is usually carried out by the import

The Government of Japan (GOJ) has imposed requirement for motorcycles/mopeds over 250cc manufactured 1 July 1999 or later must comply with GOJ brake standards. In addition to the brake standard requirement, motorcycles/mopeds over 250cc manufactured 1 April 2001 or later must pass GOJ emission testing and meet engine exhaust emission control standards.

There is only one brake testing facility in Tokyo; two emission testing facilities located in Tokyo and one in Osaka.

The following paragraphs outline current policy on importing motorcycles/mopeds over 250cc: a. Manufactured prior to 1 Jul 99: No import restrictions. b. Manufactured 1 Jul 99 to 31 Mar 01: The motorcycle must meet brake standards. No import restrictions to mainland Japan, however, member should have a manufacturers certificate stating the motorcycle meets Japanese brake standards.Manufactured 1 Apr 01 or later: Both brake and engine exhaust emission standards must be met.

Paper work and fees:

The price of Emission Testing is 94,500 yen
Title of Bike or registration from the States
Manufacturer’s Brake Certificate
USFJ Fm 380E (Both Side Copy) (380EJ available from your TMO Office) with stamp of approval
VIN Number for Brake Certificate
Owners Manual
Horse Power rating and Torque

The Phone number for making the appointment is 042-544-1004 and the inspection center is 5~10 minutes from Yokota Air Base

All imported motorcycles made after 01 APR, 2001, must complete an anti-pollution test (GOJ-Road Transport Traffic Law 36-5-6), before registering at Tama Land office. When you don?t have any proof of motorcycle?s manufactured date, Tama Land office may require the anti-pollution test before registering your motorcycle. If you can provide proof of the motorcycle manufacture date from Motorcycle Company HQ or any official office, you may register your motorcycle. Your only authorized location for the anti-pollution test is located at Akishima-city ?Japan Vehicle Transportation Technical Society ? Phone 042-544-1004, they are located approximately 10 minute drive from Yokota AB. It costs about 94,500 yen for the test.

Harley-Davidson ? Voice 1-414-616-1696 Fax 1-414-616-1338 ? USA numbers
Kawasaki ? Voice 078-921-1421 Fax 078-923-1752 ? Japan Numbers
Suzuki ? Voice 053-440-2323 Fax 053-440-2323 ? Japan Numbers
Honda ? Voice 03-3423-2184 Fax 03-5412-1162 ? Japan Numbers
Yamaha ? Voice 0538-37-4001 Fax 0538-37-3582 ? Japan Numbers

As soon as you arrive at Yokota, find a place to buy an 80 yen stamp. You can get an 80 yen stamp at the Japanese Post Office, the on base Post Office does not have them. If you can’t find that, sometimes the people that work at TMO will have them. Go to TMO to fill out the Motorcycle customs import forms.

While you are at the insurance company, get the Parallel Import document (motorcycle import form) and the Emissions Test application forms. When you first look these over, they may seem daunting, but don’t worry about it too much, they’ll help you where you need it. With these forms you’ll be listing the specs of your bike. Make sure everything you list on each form matches anything on the other form and make sure you have some sort of printed documentation to back up what you write down. Here’s what I did: Download the specs from the manufacturer of your bike, print them out. (this is a one page deal, with weight, length, etc. some people use the owner's manual and make copies of pages in there) Find and download a dyno chart for your bike (year, make and model). Print it out. Use the web to find a VIN breakdown or a VIN decoder for your VIN number, print these out. With these pieces of information, fill out the forms. Again, make sure you write the exact same thing on each form and have something to show it. These are the ONLY specs I had to download. If you need help, ask someone on this board who has done it before. But like I said, don’t stress too much over it. One thing I simply did not know was the type of emissions system on my bike. Both forms ask this. There is a sticker on your bike somewhere (mine was under the back seat) that tells you, but I couldn’t understand what it meant (SFI+AIR+2OC). I didn’t fill it out until I went in for the test. They know better… and will help you. And then you can fill it out on the other form.

BEFORE your emissions test appointment, take your bike to get it weighed. They will not do the emissions test without a weight ticket.

Go to your emissions test. Bring money. Lots of money. You will need to show up at about 1600 (4 PM) or earlier on the day of your appointment. They will test your bike right then and there. AND they will tell you if it passes. BUT they will be keeping it overnight and you will have to come back the next afternoon to pick it up and your paperwork.

Go to BX garage. Get your bike inspected. Mostly they are looking for your lights to work, your horn, etc. HAVE A LICENSE PLATE LIGHT. You want your bike to look as stock as possible. They do not look all that close, but you want to be stock looking. Moving the plate to the axle or way up underneath will not work. The stock mudflap/parachute is great for this.
Take your filled out Import document, your bike specs document, your dyno chart, your brake certificate, your VIN breakdown printout, your emissions test info, and your BX garage inspection sheet to the Insurance company. They will take it to the land office and make sure its all right. If they have a problem with the paperwork, they will bring it back to you to fix it (get more proof, change something, whatever you have to do). If the paperwork is good, they will give you a day to go to the land office. They will leave your paperwork at the land office.
When you get there, start out at window 5. You will then go to window 7 (which is in another building across the street) and pay for your road tax, tags, etc. Go back to Window 5. They will have you drive around the back of the inspection building and get your bike inspected in lane 0. Go back into main building and go to window 3. They will take all your papers and tell you to sit down. Window 4 will call your name. Get your stuff from window 4 and go across the parking lot to get your tags and JCI sticker. Put on your new tags and JCI Sticker.

Idle... the specs you turned in said what the idle of your bike is. Make sure is exactly set to that before the emissions test. They will help you try to adjust it if need be, but at least be familiar with how to adjust it.

At the Land office, they will inspect your bike again. Do not modify it before you go there. They will be putting a microphone behind your bike and measuring your exhaust at a certain RPM level. On my bike the wanted the bike at 6,100 RPMs. So even if your aftermarket exhaust passed the emissions, will it be quiet enough at the land office?

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