Shaken ( 車検?) is the vehicle inspection process that a street driven vehicle must pass every
two years. New vehicles have three years shaken when purchased and there after two year Shaken.
If Shaken is handled through a garage or the dealer, the cost is usually between JPY100,000 and JPY200,000.
However this is typically a huge rip off as they do little for the massive markup they apply to the actual Shaken fees.
For a white plate car ( over 660cc ) the actual Shaken costs are around JPY50,000.

Shaken applied to vehicles with engine displacements over 250cc

There is a class of vehicle called Kei cars. These cars have engines under 660cc. Shaken is slightly different for these vehicles.

Shaken Shou Document
自動車検査証明書 or jidousha kensa shoumeisho or Shaken shou is the name of Shaken document.

Automobile Tax
自動車税納税証明書 or Jidoushazei nouzei shoumeisho is a receipt for payment of Automobile Tax. This is due the end of May each year.
The cost is based on the displacement of the engine in the vehicle.
This site provides the costs with the engine capacity shown on the left:

60 Point Check List
点検整備記録簿 or Tenkenseibi Kirokuba is a 60 point check sheet. The law specifies that a fixed list of items must be checked prior to submitting the
vehicle for the Shaken test, but it is not enforced and the Shaken inspectors do not ask to see it.

Compulsory Insurance
自賠責保険証明書 Jibaiseki Hoken Shoumeisho is a certificate of compulsory insurance. This is normally purchased at the Skaken facility or can be
purchased from an insurance agent in advance.

Weight Tax
自動車重量税納付書 Jidousha Juuryouzei Noufusho is weight tax

Sample Shaken sticker ( Ref 1 )

Booking a Shaken inspection:
You can call a number based on the location you reside and book an
inspection, up to two weeks in advance. That is not referenced to your
Shaken expiry date, but the date you want to do the Shaken. Numbers
can be found via the following link:

For yellow plate vehicles ( under 660cc )

Shaken Sticker:
My Shaken Story:
White Plate Inspection Information/Booking:
Yello Plate Inspection Information/Booking:

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