Tokyo Toy Run 2017

Tokyo Toy Run 2017


What is it?

The Tokyo Toy Run aims to deliver some gifts, some fun and some festive cheer to two children's homes in the Kanagawa region. It's volunteers - there's no registered group behind it.

Where to Meet?

We will be meeting in a corner of the parking area of the west/south bound Ebina SA - that's going away from Tokyo. There are other motorcycle parking areas, but a key point is that we don't want to cause any inconvience to regular traffic. The general rule is, we meet at 8AM and we roll out around 9AM.


Road Rules and Recommendations

First - your bike must be in road legal condition, with insurance, and you must have an appropriate license to ride it. Also, as we'll be riding on the Tomei, you must have a bike or scooter over 125cc. Don't worry if you don't have ETC - we'll be using the gates as staging places. Do try to pay in small groups though to make the gate quicker for all. If you're carrying a pillion passenger, ensure your license is adequate.

If you're planning to come in a car, and go to the homes, please post in the forum thread to make sure hey have space.

We encourage bike decorations, so apply some thought to making sure all and any decoration is securely attached in multiple places - we don't want to leave Xmas decorations on the road for others to dodge! As for dress, many riders and passengers come as Santa or reindeer, but anything festive is fine.

Standard Japanese road rules should be adhered to. Please remember we are all there for the benefit of others and lets be respectful on the road and be extra calm with other road users who may get frustrated with so many bikes, for they have not seen the light.

Don't worry about the group getting split up. This will happen. We will try to provide a handout with directions. There is no rush and no need to speed. If you get separated from your friends, check your map (coming soon!) to get you back on track, or backtrack a bit and you might see other bikes heading the correct way - we usually stand out!

Also, obviously refrain from hard acceleration and then braking hard as this might cause a rider behind you to make a mistake or misjudge a situation. If you haven't rode in a large group before, that's no problem - we generally ride in a standard staggered formation and someone will be happy to explain the system.

Always remember there are bikes around you so don't do anything rash that could cause them or you an accident.

We will have some group leaders - and volunteers are welcome - please let yourself be known! These are volunteers are usually those with navigation systems on their bikes and familiarity with the roads. We will try and make them stand out so please listen to them and follow their directions.

If you do not like group riding, feel free to split off and meet us at the destination.

Always follow instructions from the Police or road workers and be extra careful at pedestrian crossings!

Gift Information

All toys must be new and not used or old. Gifts must NOT BE WRAPPED so that the gift can be seen to ensure it is appropriate for the kids and the staff can distribute accordingly. If batteries are required, such as with remote control toys, please also provide batteries in sealed pack.

Presents should be suitable for children under the age of 18yrs. There's a broad age for the kids at the homes (0-18), so most presents are acceptable such as shoes and other practical items and there's a fairly equal split of boys and girls.

We cannot accept corporate gifts, or those that are branded by a corporation or individual donating such goods. If the branding is limited to small text on the label or bottom of the gift, then it may be possible but you should contact one of the organizers to make certain. 100% of any donations are spent on children's presents or the children. We're not a legal entity, so please work with attending friends if you want to give. It's always appreciated.

At The Childrens Home

So after the ride, we will arrive at the Children's Home(s). It varies by year, but often we'll stop outside and get ourselves together, then have a convoy ride in, park up, and after the greeting from the home staff, we'll take the gifts to an area they've chosen.

After that there's usually a snack, and we'll play tag and other games with the kids. Sometimes we'll let the kids ride pillion/on the back in small circles in the parking area at one of the homes. This is only for those comfortable with doing so. Often the kids are happy to just sit on the bikes and listen to it. NO matter how much the kids ask DO NOT rev the engines - we don't want to upset the neighbours.

 Home Rules for the children's protection
  • Firstly do not take pictures of the kids. Only authorized Toy Run photographers are to take pictures inside the orphanage. This is important for the childs safety.

  • Do not enter the orphanage buildings other than as invited by staff or to go to the toilet in bathrooms authorised by orphanage staff.

  • Look out for the kids an if you see anyone acting suspiciously, notify the orphanage staff or the Toy Run staff.

  • No names or addresses on presents. We will report any such occurrences to the appropriate authorities. Do not leave rubbish at the orphanages.

  • Drive slowly when entering the orphanage and do not rev your motorcycle engine unnecessarily.

Toy Runって何?
毎年12月になると、世界中のライダーが各地で集まり、それぞれの地域でチャリティーライドを行います。2 、3人の友人同士のグループから何千ものライダーの巨大な集まりまで、規模は様々です。彼らには、全て共通 のつながりがあります。 それは、地元の施設で過ごしている子供たちに、おもちゃや日用必需品を贈ることです。

日本でもすでに多くのToy Runが開催されています。長年続けているグループもあればTokyo Toy Runのように比較的新しいグループもあります。 これらのイベントは国際的な組織一つで運営されているわけではありません。 Toy Runは、あなたのようなライダーによって世界各地で発足し、ライダーによって運営されているのです 。
Tokyo Toy Runって何?

The Tokyo Toy Runは日本に住む外国人ライダーと日本人ライダーによる、日本の児童養護施設で生活する子供達のためのイベント です。私達は日本中のライダーがあらゆる都道府県でToy Runを開催してくれることを期待しています。それにより、日本中の児童養護施設で生活する子供達が、モー ターサイクリスト達とお互いに楽しい日を過ごす経験ができるのです。これは、社会への貢献とモーターサイク リスト同士の友好を深める私達なりのやり方です。
開催理由:東京、神奈川、山梨の児童養護施設で生活している子供達が、クリスマスと新年をよりハッピーにす ごせるように。

日本でのToy Runの広まり、開催の協力、情報の発表です。日本各地にお互いに協力し合いこのようなイベントを開催する 熱い心を持ったライダー達がいることを期待しています。 安全性:寄付金の100%は、子供達へのプレゼントや日用必需品に費やされます。高額な寄付金を頂いた企業 ・個人の方々へ、寄付金の使われかたを報告します。また、このイベントに参加しているとして企業・個人名の リストを公表します

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