Toy Run 2011

[top]What is it

The Tokyo Toy Run is a charity event, organised and attended by
motorcyclists. The aim of the even in 2011 is to provide toys/shoes or moeny to the
children and teenagers of:

Elizabeth Sanders Home ( Orphanage )
Chigasahi orphanage

[top]Japanese Information

We apologies for this only being in English. Next year we will get our
act togethter.

[top]The meeting place

Tokyo tower

Google Coordinates 35.659118, 139.744914

[top]The Time/Date

Sunday, December 13th 2009
8.00am departing 8.30am so don't be late!

[top]Garmin Route Download

Load into your Garmin and you have the route!!


8.00am -- Recommended arrival time at Tokyo Tower
8.15am -- Rider meeting. Jav ( in English ) and Twinrider ( in Japanese )
will thank all riders for attending. Will explain a bit about Toy
Runs and about safety and how to identify organisers ( red arm band ).
8.18am -- Antkiller will explain the route, the stops, how long on each
stop, and where we are going and who to call if you get lost.
Also mention about road rules etc.
8.23am -- Questions will be answered.
8.27am -- On your bikes.........................depart Tokyo Tower ( Yahoo )
8.31am -- Enter expressway ( Inner circle route at Shibakoen ) heading to the Rainbow bridge
Head to Metropolitian Expressway No 11 Daiba route
To Metropolitian Expressway Bayshore route )( veer left )
9.15am -- Stop at Daikoku PA ( super loop ).
9.30am -- Depart Daikoku PA
9.55am -- Sachiura NAPS parking area
10.10am -- Depart Naps for the orphanage via this route.......

Head south on 国道357号線 1.7 km

Turn right at 金沢柴町(交差点) 2.7 km

Turn left at 帰帆橋(交差点) 0.4 km

Turn right at 野島町(交差点) 0.1 km

Turn right at 夕照橋(交差点) toward 国道16号線/横須賀街道 1.0 km

Turn right at 内川橋(交差点) onto 国道16号線/横須賀街道 0.5 km

Turn left at 六浦(交差点) onto 環状4/県道23号線 2.8 km

Head northwest on 環状4/県道23号線 toward 県道204号線 13 m

Turn left at 朝比奈(交差点) onto 県道204号線 0.7 km

Turn right to stay on 県道204号線 3.9 km

Turn right to stay on 県道204号線 0.2 km

Turn left at 八幡宮前(交差点) onto 県道21号線 0.5 km

Sharp right at 鎌倉警察署前(交差点) to stay on 県道21号線 0.5 km

Head northeast on 県道21号線 toward 県道204号線 13 m

Turn left at 八幡宮前(交差点) to stay on 県道21号線 0.1 km

Turn right to stay on 県道21号線 2.7 km

At 小袋谷(交差点), continue onto 県道302号線 0.7 km

Head southeast on 国道134号線 toward 県道305号線 1.1 km

Turn left at 腰越橋(交差点) onto 県道304号線 2.1 km

Turn right at 赤羽(交差点) 3.4 km

Slight right at 天神下(交差点) 0.4 km

Head northwest on 国道134号線 14.3 km

Slight right at 唐ヶ原(交差点) to stay on 国道134号線 1.1 km

Slight right at 長者町(交差点) onto 国道1号線/東海道 0.9 km

Turn right at 大磯消防署前(交差点) 49 m

Turn left Destination will be on the right 95 m

[top]The Route

Tokyo tower - Rainbow Bridge - Under Haneda's runway - Daikoku superloop stop - Over Yokohama Bay Bridge - Western Bayside Route - Naps Sachiura(PR & coz it's cool) - Hakejima Sea Paradise zone - Backdoor to Kamakura(twist) - Kamakura main drag - Coast run to Oiso
Total road tim 3:50 at a leisurely pace.

Image of route from expressway to Tokyo Tower

From Tokyo Tower to the expressway entrance...............

Express exit at Sachiura..............

[top]The Destination

[top]The Reason

To make Christmas 2009 and New Years, a happier time, for the children and teenagers of Elizabeth Sanders Home

Kindergarten\ preschool
(Age 2 - 6)
Boys - 7 Girls - 5

Elementary school
(Age 6 - 8)
Boys - 7 Girls - 3

(Age 8 - 10)
Boys - 7 Girls - 5

(Age 10 - 12)
Boys - 8 Girls - 8

Junior High school
(Age - 12 to 15)
Boys - 12 Girls - 9

Senior High school
(Age - 15 to 18)
Boys - 8 Girls - 14

[top]What To Bring

New toys only. At least one toy per rider. The more the better.
Tie a toy or two to your bike ( securely ) as it will make passers by
as what is going on and raise more interest.

Currently we have enough toys for small kids and recommend anyone
buying toys, to buy toys that teenagers might play with such as sports goods or Japanese books, games, music posters, etc.

Pics from the 2009 Tokyo toy run..........

Who Should Attend

Everyone with a bike! Your friends will be there. Japanese, foreigner, alien
all welcome. Show you care and have some fun riding with your friends
for a good cause.

[top]Riding Rules

Standard Japanese road rules should be adhered to. Please remember we
are all there for the benefit of others and lets be respectful on the road
and be extra calm with other road users who may get frustrated with so
many bikes.

Don't worry about the group getting split up. This will happen. We will
try to provide a handout with directions. There is no rush and no need
to speed. If you get separated from your friends, check your map to
get you back on track, or backtrack a bit and you might see other bikes
heading the correct way.

Also, refrain from gunning it and then braking hard. This might cause a
rider behind you to make a mistake. Staggered formation is safest.
Always remember there are bikes around you so don't do anything rash
that could cause them or you an accident.

We will have some group leaders. These are volunteers with navigation
systems on their bikes. They will have a red cloth tied on their bikes
and around their arm, so that you know who they are. Please listen to
them and follow their directions.

Remember to allow enough space for emergency braking. Please try to
stay in the formation you started out in, and avoid trying to move up the
groups. If you do not like group riding, feel free to split off and meet us
at the destination.

[top]Corporate Sponsors

Doremi Labs Japan US$1,000

The Last Word

Have fun and ride safe.

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